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Here in Counterfeit store, buy counterfeit currency at affordable price, we know the cost of financial autonomy, and it is much lower than you may suspect. We know very nicely the power of money, Money makes the world go round and if you don’t have the money you become hopeless and stuck in the same spot for years.  Money is not just to get food, accord, and utilities it is to fulfill your hopes and dreams. You can carry on with your best life and increase your spending limit with almost no limits. Buy counterfeit money cheap. Of course, you can make it with hard work. But the majority of groups in the world are harshly underpaid. Plus it will take a massive amount of hours to earn a large amount of money as you truly wish to have. We have a much better solution for you! Counterfeitlab offers fake money for sale at affordable prices. Turn your small cash into a fortune with us! Reasonable prices. We have all kinds of counterfeit currencies such as Dollars, Euros, and riyals that can help you get your life back on track in the shortest time. Turn your small cash into a fortune with us!

  • Counterfeit Money for Sale

There is a huge number of counterfeit money for sale flowing all along through the world consistently. Much of the time, individuals can’t decide if they have real or fake money for sale in their pockets and even you can get one out of a bank, without it being detected. Buy fake money now and enjoy delivery direct to your doorsteps. We are the most driving producers and top Grade A counterfeit money for sale or buy fake money with 15 Years of Experience and Trust. You can buy fake money online for sale directly get in touch with us and put in your order now.

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We send in contrasting sizes all separate and safe, also, all of our counterfeit money carries every one of holograms and watermarks and passes the light detector test with ease. We have a huge amount of products in stock, euros, dollars, pounds, and other currencies. Lastly, we will deliver the fake money directly to your home without the impedance of customs. Turn your small cash into fortune with us!

Our counterfeits

We provide you great range of highest quality undetectable counterfeit money such as fake Dollar, Fake Australian Dollar, Fake Canadian Dollar, and Fake EURO. Buy fake money online today from our website counterefeitlab.com and get benefit from supreme quality undetectable fake currencies. Consult to our LiveChat Support Team to know how you can spend your fake cash without get in any trouble.

SSD Chemicals

Counterfeitlab offers you SSD chemicals solution for cleaning darkened currency, Black coated notes at affordable prices. SSD Solutions Such as SSD VECTROL PASTE, SSD CASTRO X OXIDE SOLUTION, SSD HUMINE POWDER, SSD TEBI-MANETIC SOLUTION, SSD TOURMALINE SOLUTION, SSD TOPIX SOLUTION all available for sale. We also help you in cleaning your black money. We use the NANO technology preservation technique to preserve enormous amounts money.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes this 100% legit but sometimes it is illegal. Our services are completely legit. Talk to our agent and ask many questions as possible to remove your doubts. But note the doubt will remain until you didn’t try it.

Well our delivery procedure is always updated for security purposes. But one thing for which we can give you guarantee is that it works perfectly without any glitch. You can talk to our agent anytime for more details on the current system.

Well Our counterfeit quality comes in GRADE A+++. Our grade A+++ quality is the best you can’t find anywhere in the world. It is completely undetectable in vision, texture and by machines.

Well the delivery depends on your current location. Express delivery is done within 48hrs and other deliveries can take up 4-5 BUSINESS DAYS depending on service. You can talk to our agent to know the exact time of your products arrival.

Yes face to face meeting are acceptable on certain conditions especially for new clients. Firstly the amount should be a substantial amount and dislocation or movement of the agent will be enclosed by the client. For more info you should talk to our agent on live chat.

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